GP 2018 Feature of the Day – New Workflows

The past few posts have been in relation to Document Attach.

Microsoft’s Feature of the Day blog skipped posting about an actual feature but instead published an informative post summarising Document Attach since Dynamics GP 2013 and it’s evolution since that version. You can read about it here.

The next FOTD post was about Workflow. Based on community feedback (which remember you can contribute to on Microsoft Connect which I posted about here back in August 2016) Microsoft have added three new Workflow types:

  • General Ledger Account Approval.
  • Purchasing Invoice Approval.
  • Receivings Transaction Approval.

Along with these new Workflow types there are also new Email Messages for the email actions associated with them.

As mentioned, this new feature has been added based on community feedback, one of which (Purchasing Invoice Approval) was requested by Ian Grieve; author of

Great to see Microsoft listening to their customers!

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GP 2018 Feature of the Day Document Attachment Security Setup

In my last post, we learned that the ability to add notes to Enquiry screens such as Vendor Enquiry and Debtor Enquiry has been added.

Due to this, limited users are now able to add and view attachments on these windows. Microsoft have added an extra layer of security by GP Administrators being able to password protect the addition of attachments on Enquiry windows.

This is set in the Document Attachment Setup window.

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GP 2018 Feature of the Day – Notes on Enquiry Windows

This week Microsoft are posting about Document Attachment and the improvements being made to this functionality. In my last post I spoke about Document Attachment, the evolution from OLE Notes and the addition of the Document Attachment functionality to some new windows that didn’t previously have this in prior versions of Dynamics GP.

Microsoft have this to say about Document Attach:

As mentioned in my previous post, Dynamics GP has had functionality to add notes to quite a few windows already, the same place you would have added your OLE attachments. Now, Microsoft have added this functionality to some of the Enquiry screens:

  • Vendor Enquiry.
  • Customer Enquiry.
  • Project Enquiry.
  • PA Project Enquiry.

Previously the ability to add notes has been limited to the Maintenance screens such as Vendor Maintenance and Debtor Maintenance. The good thing about adding this to the Enquiry screens is that now users without access to these Maintenance screens are able to add and view notes.



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