First post…

Ah, the infamous first post of a blog.

This is difficult, because at the moment I’m still trying to decide exactly what the content of this blog might be.

I’ve been meaning to set something like this up for some time and moving to my new role as a Microsoft Dynamics GP Consultant has spurred me on to do it.

This is the first time I’ve used wordpress, I was quite surprised and pleased that it was so easy to get installed. It seems incredibly customisable and setting this up and getting it to a state that I am happy with may take some time and iterations… but I can live with that.

I want this blog to have quite an informal feel to it I think, which may change over time; I’d like it to have content on a range of topics that I may be interested in, from my own experiences in the world of Dynamics GP, to other topics such as posts based on my quest to develop my skill set and adding tools to my arsenal such as VB and more.

Well, after getting this installed and a few bits and pieces set up it’s late; time to log off for the night.

Until next time!


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