Well, it’s been a long time!

Well, well, well….

It’s been a long time since I last updated the site, a lot has been going on in life.

I have moved home, changed jobs (same employer!), changed site host and plenty more. I now lead the ERP Support Team at Perfect Image. We currently support Dynamics GP, but are looking at taking on another ERP software to offer to our client base.

Since changing role, I now mainly deal with the day to day management of the ERP Support Team but still dabble in consultancy and delivery and ideally intend to get my team involved in technical delivery and hope to skill them up to help the consultancy team in times of need, and to aide their own progression.

I hope to post more in time to come, will it always be about Dynamics GP? Possibly not, but Dynamics GP will still come up in my content!

Kind Regards,


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Busy, busy, and more busy….

Well, it’s been a little while since I last posted.

We’ve been rather busy at work recently, I’ve just completed two weeks of delivering training webinars and I am now due to be on the road for a little bit visiting clients.

My colleague Ian is jet setting off to Fargo for reIMAGINE2016 where he is delivering a session and no doubt enjoying himself, lucky man!

My next post will be a small guide I wrote as a reference for support to use when working with the Web Client. I’ve had a fair few questions about supporting the Web Client so thought this may be useful for some people as a reference too.

It’s not meant to be an in depth guide, but may be useful for some.


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Have your say about Microsoft products.

Hi all,

Have you ever had some feedback regarding a Microsoft product or had a suggestion about how to make it better?

You can on Microsoft Connect.

Microsoft Connect allows you to sign up using your Microsoft Account and make bug reports and suggestions for numerous products.

The Microsoft Dynamics GP site is currently only open for Suggestions, join up and have a read. You can vote other peoples suggestions up or alternatively make your own posts. I would suggest having a look through the existing posts to see if your idea has already been submitted before doing so, Connect has a search facility to aid you with this. I believe Microsoft select suggestions for improvements from here when developing their new releases, so it really is worth doing.

One of the top suggestions at the moment is GP – Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Documentation by Vaidy Mohan – This is to ask Microsoft to update the product documentation. Some of the documentation included with Dynamics GP has not been updated since Dynamics GP 2010, most of it since GP 2013.

This is something I am quite passionate about as I believe documentation should always be kept up to date with new releases of ANY product.

Get signed up and have your say!

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