GP 2018 Feature of the Day – Workflow Unplugged

The Feature of the Day blog on the 17th November was a little different. Pam Misialek had asked my colleague and Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP Ian Grieve to do a guest blog about workflow.

You can read the blog Here.

Ian Grieve, as mentioned previously, authors a very popular blog azurecurve. He also has multiple books published relating to Dynamics GP and if you’re interested, you can find more information Here.

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GP 2018 Feature of the Day – New Workflow Functionality

The next Feature of the Day for Dynamics GP 2018 is some new functionality for Workflow, one of which is something I’ve been personally hoping Microsoft would implement.

On a previous implementation, I was working on setting up Workflow for a client who had  a long list of approvers and approval limits, with the way Workflow currently works, this took me the best part of an entire day. Along comes the new Workflow feature; Copy Workflow Step!

Luckily, the ability to copy workflows between companies had already been implemented, otherwise setting this particular client up would have taken a very long time. But now, with Copy Workflow Step, future implementations will take a lot less time. Thank you Microsoft!


In addition to being able to copy the workflow step, you can also copy the sub-steps along with it and also rename the step, something which wasn’t possible before and would mean having to delete the step and recreate it if you had named it incorrectly.

The second in this batch of new Workflow features is reminder emails. Often, approvals are set with an escalation timer, so that if the approver is unable to get to it in time, the workflow would assign the next approver, or the manager the task to approve. As we all know, sometimes work life can become hectic and sometimes emails become lost or overlooked. This feature allows for a reminder to be sent to the person who is the assigned approver; memory jogged, productivity resumed!

The third in this set of features is Purchase Order Workflow Messages. This is brand new for 2018 and will allow Workflow Approval Emails to be sent for Purchase Orders.

The fourth, and last feature in this round of functionality is Reporting for Workflow. Currently, to get an idea of what happened with a particular document in workflow, you would have to open it and choose to view the Workflow History. Now, we will have a report which will show you the Workflow History along with the option to include the Workflow Comments on the report. This report can be filtered by Workflow Type, Workflow Status, Workflow Approvers or Approval Date.

Some really good new features to Workflow, a good mix between improvement for people who implement and end user functionality. Fantastic work.

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GP 2018 Feature of the Day – New Workflow Fields

Last post I wrote about the new Workflows added in Dynamics GP 2018.

This post is about the new Workflow fields that Microsoft are adding. These fields are used as conditions for Workflow, so if the condition is met, the Workflow step should kick in and trigger the Workflow approval steps.

The new fields added are as follows:

Payables Transaction Workflow

  • Vendor Account.
  • Comment 1.
  • Comment 2.
  • Vendor Class ID.
  • Payment Priority.

Vendor Approval workflow

  • Fields added are from the SY06000 Electronic Funds Master.

Purchase Order/Purchase Requisition Workflow

  • Account Description.

The above fields have also been added as merge fields for Workflow Email Actions.

Along with the above, be aware that your Partner/Developer has the ability to access an advanced Workflow editor to be able to do things like join tables or even SQL views to use in the Workflow condition editor. If you can’t set up the Workflow conditions that you’re wanting, engage with your partner to see if it’s something they could help with.


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