GL Journal Posting without Required MDA – Update

A few days ago I posted about an issue I was investigating for a client. Find the post here:

Journals posting through the GL without Required MDA

I had raised a support request with Microsoft to see if there is a fix for this. I’ve now had contact from Microsoft.

As expected, they set my expectations that MDA is a depreciated module which has been replaced by Analytical Accounting. The support engineer explains that MDA is not compatible with the Inventory module and as such, getting a fix for this issue would be minimal at best.

Microsoft have, however, logged a change request for this #91902 – Incomplete MDA transaction will post without error in Dynamics GP 2016 if originating from the Inventory module.

There is also another CR logged as #4415 – No ‘MDA Code Missing’ error when posting GL batch from FA. So it looks like this issue isn’t limited to the Inventory module.

The workaround is to train the users to manually add the MDA before attempting to post the batch.


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Journals posting through the GL without Required MDA

I was investigating an issue for a client who had a journal that had been posted through onto the GL which should have had MDA on it but didn’t. The MDA was set to Required for that GL code, so we weren’t sure how it had happened.

It turned out that this was a journal that had been posted TO the GL from an Inventory transaction. The journal was then able to be posted through Financial Batches, without entering MDA.

While testing this issue, I found that if you open the transaction in the General Ledger batch before posting it, it would then prompt you to enter MDA and subsequently (if you choose to save without entering MDA) would not post.

Steps to replicate the problem are as follows:

  • Enter an Inventory Transaction (When creating the batch for this, tick Post To General Ledger).
  • Post the Inventory Batch.
  • At this stage, you are able to go to Financial Batches and post the GL Batch created by GP without it complaining about the lack of MDA.

The client is on Dynamics GP 2015 R2 but I have also tested this on 2016 R2. It would be interesting to see if this happens in GP 2018 RTM when available. I believe this to be a bug, we are in the process of logging a call with Microsoft; I’ll post an update when I get further information.

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