GP 2018 Feature of the Day – Web Client

This time around, Pam’s post is regarding the Dynamics GP Web Client.

The Web Client moved away from Silverlight in GP 2016 in favour of HTML5. A great improvement in itself; 2018 brings a couple of minor, but absolutely useful changes.

The first change is a SmartList shortcut at the top right next to the date:

This is absolutely fantastic, since previously SmartList was located in the Reports section under Administration.

The second change, is adding Autocomplete to the Web Client:

This functionality has obvious benefits, and will safe people precious seconds; every little helps!

The third feature, is being able to maximize the Bank Reconciliation screen:

Again, an obvious benefit if, like a lot of companies out there, you have a vast amount of bank transactions on your reconciliations.

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GP 2018 Feature of the Day – Workflow Unplugged

The Feature of the Day blog on the 17th November was a little different. Pam Misialek had asked my colleague and Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP Ian Grieve to do a guest blog about workflow.

You can read the blog Here.

Ian Grieve, as mentioned previously, authors a very popular blog azurecurve. He also has multiple books published relating to Dynamics GP and if you’re interested, you can find more information Here.

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GP 2018 Feature of the Day – Payment ID’s

For the next Feature of the Day, Pam features a change on the Select Cheques (Soon to be Payments) window.

This window, for people who work in Payables, is a window where the same settings are often used over and over again. This can be fairly tedious if you have different payment term contracts with Vendors.

This new feature allows you to select a payment term ID and save your settings. This means the screen will pre-populate with the information you usually use for that payment run. Handy!

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