Supporting the Dynamics GP Web Client

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In my previous post I said I would post a guide that I have written designed to help support the Web Client.

This is a very brief and high level guide on how to create users, clear dormant sessions and turn on the Dex/SQL logging for a Web Client session. Hopefully this is useful for someone!


Supporting the Dynamics GP Web Client

Enabling a user to use the GP Web Client

Step 1: Add the user’s account to the GP Web Client Users Security Group in Active Directory.

Step 2: Log in to Dynamics GP and open User Setup.

Navigate to the Administration Series and in Setup > System, click on User.

Step 3: Enter the user ID and configure the user.

If the user is only going to use the Web Client

If the user is a new user and will only use the web client, enter a User ID and tick Web Client user only

Click Directory Account

Click the lookup magnifying glass

Enter the users Active Directory account and click OK.

Click Save on the User Setup window.

If the user is going to be using the Desktop Client and the Web Client

Step 1: Follow the same steps as above but do not tick the Web Client user only box.

Step 2: Back on the SQL Server tab, enter a password and choose whether or not to enforce the password policies.

Click Save


How to remove Dormant Sessions

Step 1: Log in to the Web Management Console.

Open the Web Management Console by browsing to the Web Management Console URL.

You may be prompted to log in with your domain credentials.

If you are presented with an access denied message, your active directory account needs to be placed in the Web Management Console Security Group.

Step 2: Open the Session Manager

You can open the Session Manager by clicking on Session Management in the bottom left hand corner of the Web Management Console.

Step 3: Find the session you wish to end.

The column to look at, once you’ve found the User ID of the person you’re interested in, is the Last Heartbeat column.

If this column shows that the Web Management Console has seen that there has been no heartbeat in a while, typically a day old, especially if there are newer sessions for the user in question, it would suggest that this session can be ended.

Step 4: End the Session.

Highlight the session by left clicking on it and click End Session.


Web Client Logging

Step 1: Follow the steps above to find the session that you wish to log.

Highlight the session by left clicking on it.

Step 2: Click Logging

Tick the options for the logs that you require, click OK.

Step 3: Collect the logs

Wait until the user has replicated their issue, these logs will stop logging once the session ends.

You can collect the logs from C:\ProgramData\Microsoft Dynamics\GPSessions\Logs.

Be aware that this logging will only stay active for the duration of the Web Client session.


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